Who wants to build a snowman?


In Division 1, Queens A were best in snow as they beat Sidmouth A 7-2 to stay frozen in 2nd place, 5 points adrift of Exeter A.  A smell of carrots was in the air as Queen’s young snowmen Alex Moir and Callum Cheung were in fine form with 3 wins, whilst Sidmouth’s old snowmen Dan Corby and Dan Harris bagged a brace of wins.

St Leonards A have had back-to-back wins for the first time this Winter, 6-3 over Queens B and 5-4 over Exeter B. The Saints pairing of Morgan Wright and Tom Phillips weren’t snowboating as they powdered to 3 wins in the matches against the 4 man bob of Queens B and Exeter B. For Exeter B it’s all downhill and snow way out as they languish at the “bigfoot” of the Division.


In Division 2 Exeter B’s unbeaten run of 8 matches have gondala taken them to the top of the Division 2 mountain. The cosnowpolitan Exeter team of John Collar, Tim Howard, Jack South “pole” Cott, Alastair “Snow”Banks, Chris Bowker and Skip Matt Whyman started off flakey and trailed 4-1. However they won the final 4 rubbers to snatch a 5-4 win as Saints challenge melted away.

The 4 man team of Ringswell B travelled to Honiton A to take on the “Beasts from the East” and sleighed them 6-3. The ice pairs of Ben “Sven” Boyland/Mike “Olaf” Yuan and Steve “Hans” Faulkner/Richard “ Kristoff” Burn snowploughed through Honiton to win all their rubbers.


In Division 3A it’s snow laughing matter for Otter Vale B as they slipped to 2 losses.  Chulmleigh B’s 2 man bob team of Mat Older and Moss Dickson cruised to 3 wins to steer their team to a 6-3 win over Otter Vale B.

Otter Vale B froze against Exeter D in a 7-2 defeat. Exeter have had an avalanche of wins this season, this one being their seventh. Prakesh Kripskaran and Jeremy Smith ice-picked 3 wins, with teammates Tom Laver/Ed Choi and Richard Vout/Richard Grigg winning 2 but alpining losing out to the Otter Vale pair of Andy O’Brien and Simon Witts.

Andy Rowe
Last Modified 2018-3-17