Exeter & District Badminton League

2024 Annual Levels Tournament Results

09 April, 2024    Andy Rowe

The recent annual Levels Tournament was a success and the results are as follows;

Open Singles

Main event 

Winner - Zac Phillips (St Leonard’s)

Runner Up - Soh Li Seng (Ringswell)

Plate event 

Winner - Ben Taylor (Honiton)

Runner Up - Zinnia Bromell-James (Exeter)


Men’s Doubles

Main event 

Winners - Steve Ford & Dan Elliott (Ringswell)

Runners Up - Jamie Dawe & Nathan Scase (Exeter)

Plate event 

Winners - Ben Jordan (Exeter) & Jake Turpie (St Leonard’s)

Runners Up - Rhys Burtt-Jones & Luke Mason (Exeter)


Ladies Doubles

Winners - Launa Eyles & Claire Harrison (Ringswell)

Runners Up - Emily Atkins & Mary Dawn de Vera (Exeter)


Mixed Doubles

Main event

Winners - Zac Phillips & Sue Banks (St Leonard’s)

Runners Up - Ben Jordan (Exeter) & Kate Povey (Queens)

Plate event 

Winners - Nathan Scase & Leanne Crouch (Exeter)

Runners Up - John Collar & Sylvia Child (Ringswell)